Individual therapy for Adults - $120 per 50 min session

Whether you are self or professionally diagnosed, I’m here to affirm you and your strengths as a neurodivergent person! I can help you learn to unmask, be more comfortable in your own skin, and advocate for your needs in medical, educational, and occupational settings.

I believe that neurodivergent clients need a more non-traditional approach in therapy. I learn about your special interests and work to make sure that we are going at the pace that is comfortable for you. I aim to help you establish your own idea of what progress looks like for you.

I offer support outside of sessions to clients and I work hard to help you access supports you may need in your life. I can support you in affirming and exploring your gender identity.

*I do not provide autism diagnoses - see resources page for my recommendations on where to go for autism assessments 


ADHD assessments - $150 for assessment session and letter(if diagnosed)

I provide formal ADHD assessments with diagnosis letter that can be given to providers, schools, or employers in order to obtain accommodations or medical care. I use testing measures along with a one session interview process to identify your strengths and needs. I also provide recommendations for accommodations if you are unsure of what to ask for or how to proceed with your diagnosis.


I would be honored to accompany you on your journey to understanding and healing from trauma. Working through trauma can be scary and overwhelming. Being neurodivergent often causes us to experience trauma from a young age, whether it’s from masking or simply trying to navigate a world that does not accommodate our needs. I can help you navigate the healing process while using EMDR, mindfulness techniques, somatic awareness, and compassionate relationship building.

Consultation $50/30 minutes

I offer consultation to other professionals, parents, or anyone who is interested in learning more about autism and ADHD from someone who experiences both. I’m happy to speak with other therapists who wish to know more about working with neurodivergent clients and would like to create a more neurodivergent friendly practice.

I have a unique perspective when it comes to accommodating children in school settings as I have been employed in schools and have been trained as a parent/surrogate for IEP’s.

I also offer knowledge and support to college students as they navigate receiving accommodations with their school.

Check out the resources tab for links to more information.