Individual therapy for Adults - $130 per 50 min session

Whether you are self or professionally diagnosed, I’m here to affirm you and your strengths as a neurodivergent person. I can help you learn to unmask, be more comfortable in who you are, and advocate for your needs in medical, educational, and occupational settings.

I believe that neurodivergent clients need a more non-traditional approach in therapy. I learn about your special interests and work to make sure that we are going at the pace that is comfortable for you. I aim to help you establish your own idea of what progress looks like for you.

I offer support outside of sessions to clients and I work hard to help you access supports you may need in your life. I can support you in affirming and exploring your gender identity as well and I will always support a healthy at every size lifestyle.

Autism assessments - $600 for Adult assessment and letter

I use the MIGDAS-2 to provide an affirming approach to autism assessments. We'll discuss your strengths and needs. It should be noted that this form of assessment does not meet the requirements for disability approval. You must pay $300 to reserve the first appointment. Your final report will not be given until the fee ($600) is paid in full. The first meeting will be a two hour session followed by a later session to go over results and discuss the next steps for you. I can also assess for ADHD during this time. Recommendations will be given for accommodations and resources in the area. 

*ADHD and autism assessments can be combined for a total of $650

ADHD assessments - $150 for assessment session and letter

I provide formal ADHD assessments with diagnosis letter that can be given to providers, schools, or employers in order to obtain accommodations or improved medical care. I use the BRIEF-A testing measure along with a one session interview process to identify your strengths and needs. I also provide recommendations for accommodations if you are unsure of what to ask for or how to proceed with your diagnosis.

Professional Consultation $150/60 minutes

I offer consultation to other professionals, parents, social work students, and anyone who is interested in gaining knowledge about neurodiversity from someone with lived experience. I’m happy to speak with other therapists who wish to know more about working with neurodivergent clients and would like to create a more neurodivergent friendly practice.