About me

I live near Cincinnati with my partner and our 4 cats. I am neurodivergent and part of the LGBTQIAP+ community. I love to read fantasy/crime novels, ride my Peloton bike, and play board games with friends. Special interests: social work, autism/ADHD, cats, astrology, psychology, movies/TV, and travel. 

Vanessa Quinn, MSW, LSW (she/her)

About me as a therapist

I have a very non-traditional, neurodivergent affirming approach to providing therapy. I believe that having a sensory friendly setting, using special interests to build rapport, and being flexible with scheduling are important for helping my clients.

Part of the reason I do not accept insurance is because I do not want to force my clients to set goals or receive a diagnosis if that's not what they are looking for.

I use my own experience as a neurodivergent person to connect with my clients and help them learn skills such as emotional regulation, understanding their sensory profile, and incorporating a healthy stim diet along with helping them unmask to their comfort level.

I am also passionate about being gender-affirming, discussing HAES, and helping clients advocate for themselves in medical/educational/occupational settings.

I do not provide any ABA services as I consider these practices to be abusive. 

About my office space

I have a private suite that includes a sensory friendly waiting area equipped with water, coffee, tea, hot cocoa, books, puzzles, a swinging chair, sound machine, fidgets, low lighting, yoga mat, sound machine, a tent, squishmallows, and plants.

My office space can be customized to your sensory needs; don't be afraid to ask about changing the lighting or noises to best suit your experience!

I have a couch, bean bag chairs, and yoga mats for alternative seating options. Feel free to bring your own fidgets, water cups, yoga mat, or anything else you need to have a pleasant experience.