About me

I live near Cincinnati with my partner and our 4 cats. I am multiply neurodivergent and part of the LGBTQIAP+ community. I love to read fantasy/mystery novels, ride my Peloton bike, and play board games with friends. Special interests: social work, Neurodiversity, cats, psychology, movies/TV/music, and travel. 

Vanessa Quinn, MSW, LISW (she/her/they)

Photo ID: Vanessa is shown smiling in front of a brick wall with their purple hair in a messy bun. She is a white woman wearing a black sweatshirt.

About me as a therapist

I have a very non-traditional, neurodiversity-affirming approach to providing therapy. I believe that having a sensory friendly setting, using special interests to build rapport, and being flexible with scheduling are important for helping my clients.

I use my own experience as a neurodivergent and queer person to connect with my clients and help them learn skills such as emotional regulation, understanding their sensory profile, incorporating a healthy stim diet, learning to unmask to your own comfort level, and exploring your dissociative profile.  

I am also passionate about being gender-affirming, discussing HAES, and helping clients advocate for themselves in medical/educational/occupational settings.

I do not provide any ABA services as I consider these practices to be abusive. 

About my office space

My office is in a shared suite and it includes a sensory friendly waiting area equipped with water, coffee, tea, hot cocoa, fidgets, white noise, low lighting, games, and books you can borrow. 

My office includes swinging chair, tent, swivel chair, floor cushion, fidgets, low lighting, Squishmallows, coloring books, paint supplies, and more.

My office space can be customized to your sensory needs; don't be afraid to ask about changing the lighting or seating to best suit you. Feel free to bring your own fidgets, water cups, squishes, or anything else you need to have a pleasant experience.

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