What to expect during your first session

Published on 23 August 2022 at 08:58

I know how anxiety inducing the first appointment with a new provider can be. I'm always nervous when I go to a new place or meet new people. I wonder "what will they ask?" and "will I have an answer?". I hope that if you're reading this, I can help ease your worries about our first visit together.

It's my goal to make each new client feel comfortable asking questions in our first session to make sure that we are a good fit. I may have follow up questions from the paperwork that you fill out in advance, but you will not have to retell your entire life story in our first session. You don't need to bring any specific paperwork or have an answer to every question I ask. We can talk about your special interests or anything that is a pressing issue.

If we both feel that the dynamic is a good fit for ongoing therapy, we will discuss what you want out of therapy. We can set goals on paper together, or not. I realize that it's not always easy to know what must change in order for things to improve. Because I don't take insurance, we don't ever have to create a treatment plan together. I will help you recognize for yourself what progress looks like and I'll encourage open conversation going forward to make sure we are on the path that you wish to be on during our time together.

Lastly, we will discuss the days and times that work best for us to meet and how often you'd like to be scheduled. No pressure from me to come on a weekly basis if that doesn't fit into your schedule or budget. 


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